Science 4 You Chemistry 1000 Set

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Science 4 You Chemistry 1000 Set is a box with over 70 Chemistry experiments

Kids are always curious about how things work and this awesome and affordable?Science 4 You Chemistry 1000 Set?will challenge them to complete fun experiments focusing on the basic of Chemistry. Kids will fill a balloon without blowing it up, learn what polymers are and how they work as well as why fire needs to spread among many other fun experiments.


  • Kids will conduct fun experiments based on chemistry, such as making sugar crystals with a chemical reaction or writing secret messages using chemical reactions.
  • Science 4 You Chemistry 1000 Set?includes all the items kids will need to complete the experiments including Protection goggles ,Protection lab-coat, Protection gloves, Strips of pH paper, Measuring cups measuring cups lids, Test-tubes, Test-tubes lids, Plastic spatula,9V battery terminal, Litmus dust, Flask for the litmus solution
  • Get your kids into science with this super fun?Science4You Chemistry 1000 Set.

The Science 4 You Chemistry 1000 Set?will have your kids learning all about Chemistry whilst performing over 70 kid safe science experiments.

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Science 4 You


12 Years Old, 8-11 Years Old

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