Get your kids on the move with our range of kick scooters in Australia. Kick scooters are easy to learn to ride, encourage them to exercise, and most importantly of all, they’re lots of fun! Take a look at Toy Buzz’s range of quality kick scooters for kids of all ages.

Kick scooters for toddlers teach them to ride

Filter by age, and you can find kick scooters for toddlers that have been designed for little ones. Models such as the Micro Mini2Go Deluxe have been designed especially for young children, converting from a ride-on with a parents handlebar for when they’re first learning to scoot, to a full scooter. Best of all, these kick scooters in Australia grow with them through the different stages, so you aren’t buying a new one every year.

Kick scooters in Australia for big kids

Toy Buzz has a range of sturdy, high-quality kick scooters in Australia for older kids and teenagers too. Models such as the Micro Sprite Scooter are strong yet lightweight and easily fold down small for when they need to park their scooter. Older kids who enjoy scooting might also like our Micro Infinite Skates, light, in-line skates, which allow them to zip around with ease.

Kick scooters accessories to keep them safe

When you buy them a scooter, take a look at our range of kick scooters accessories that protect them when they ride. A helmet is one of the most important accessories, and we offer a wide range in many different sizes, from toddler to teenager. Small kids will love our Micro Kids Helmet 3D Scootersaurus, which has a fun dinosaur-themed design, and we also offer designs for older kids, so they don’t have to look uncool when they stay safe.

When you’re looking for kick scooters in Australia, shop at Toy Buzz for a wide range of fun scooters that your kids will love to ride.

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